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  • Kris Franklin

    Kris Franklin

    Amateur writer hoping to make my readers some money betting on sports. https://thekrisbets.com Twitter @_thekris

  • Dawn Casteel-Lorick

    Dawn Casteel-Lorick

  • Kelcey Nichols, MSW, LCSWA

    Kelcey Nichols, MSW, LCSWA

  • Trista Signe Ainsworth

    Trista Signe Ainsworth

    I write everyday personal growth stories. These stories of abundance, joy, and growth include action steps to help you on your journey. www.expansive.me

  • Pamela Y. Price

    Pamela Y. Price

    CA Lawyer of the Year in Employment (2002). Champion of Justice. Civil Rights Warrior. Title IX Pioneer. Survivor of Ohio juvenile justice & foster care system.

  • Jessica Alfaqih

    Jessica Alfaqih

    I offer equity-centered success strategies to college & high school students. UC Berkeley. introtohonors.com

  • Tory Mementomori

    Tory Mementomori

    Live purposely. Love and happiness exist—right now. Take charge. The energy you send out is the energy you get back. ❤️

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